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Rare Offer to Dunne Fans... [Jan. 1st, 2009|10:57 pm]
fanson Robin Dunne


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I have an extra copy of Plus Rien A Perdre (Borderline Normal) that I am willing to part with.

The DVD is an original (read official) and whilst not wrapped in plastic it is still sealed at the top so it's unopened.

This movie is incredibly hard to get your hands on, this version is dubbed in french however (no english at all). I used all my prowess to secure my own copy and managed to grab this second one, but that source is now tapped out. I'd love to keep both (I love this movie, it's what turned me into a Dunnefan) but can't justify having 2 copies especially as I don't understand french.

Price/Postage on enquiry.